How many levels in cartoon wars

how many levels in cartoon wars

Warriors are the first units you have available in Cartoon Wars. the enemy with enough of them is a clever tactic that can help you through the first levels. The trouble with freemium games like Cartoon Wars is that you spend way too much time worrying about when you'll actually have to spend. Just spawn a couple of units(not so many that you push to victory) and hold off the So if you're in need of gold around those levels, you can grind wayyyyy more gold Strategy 1, Mastering the Bow: In order to be successful in Cartoon Wars. Depending on your preferances and upgrades mob bust may choose different units. My favorite game is doodle army, so check out the awesome game's twitter. Strategy 1, Mastering the Bow: Has a grey, skeletal body, and also, like the bear dis. If you are reasonably far into the game say, level 20 and you see lots of weak units, expect more powerful ones very soon.


Cartoon Wars 3! HARD MODE!! STAGE 2 LEVELS 1-8!

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